Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Party

Well now, our Halloween party is over and finished. I had a great time. Everyone bar a couple of pikers (one person’s costume was stolen off the wash line, so some leniency is allowed) dressed up. I was actually really impressed with some of the costumes too. My cousin looked amazing in her purple 1940s starlet dress, and her husband as Austin Powers (the just missed each other by about 20 years). And my parents both re-used their costumes, though there were a few changes. Mum has sewn her cape up the centre front so that it does not gape open and is more like a robe, and added an elastic waistband to bunch over (makes it the correct length for her short form and looks more like the character should). Dad, dressed as the Grim Reaper unfortunately forgot that his was not a robe and instead and open cape. So the Grim Reaper was showing a bit of leg wearing shorts underneath. (Not the sharpest tool in the shed, my father). And I will go into more detail about my brothers and my costume in another post.
The decorations were also amazing. (I was not allowed to divulge what we were doing before the party as it was a surprise). We had people enter down the side through tomb stones. My favourites “I told you I was sick” and “Here Lies Jonothan Blake, He hit the gas instead of the brake.” And when everyone entered, we had dressed up the room with cobwebs, candles, the witches table (will get it’s own post) and my cake which I will go into more detail later (including pictures).

We also went all out and played games. Which is interesting (to put it nicely) with a room full of drunk people. We started off with teams (The Vampires, The Zombies, The Frankensteins, and The Bimbos) and a mummy wrap game. Surprisingly the single roll of toilet paper went far. Then we had quiz questions followed up by Charades. Hilarious watching people act out Interview with a Vampire. But I am pretty sure that we all had a great time anyway. Thank-you party planners. I look forward to what we do next year. Although, air conditioning seems like a good idea.

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