Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Swedish Chef

My brothers’ costume for my 21st Birthday party was the Swedish Chef from the Muppets. We thought about making a whole padded suit for him to wear, but decided that it would be too cumbersome. Anyway, the costume was very easy to pull together. First I found many pictures online to help me decide on what fabric patterns that I needed to choose. Also another excuse to watch more Muppets. “Research”.
Moving on, I first made the shirt which is just a button through shirt, however I had to grade the pattern up a bit as my brother is not quite so small. I cut it as big as I could, allowing for the fabric width. I then made the chef hat. I was surprised at how easily this came together. I thought that it would be a lot harder to make, but I was wrong. For this hat and the apron I just used a white polycotton (cheap). I then made the long pants which are just an elastic waist. For this I used my trusty boxer shorts pattern and made them long. That way I knew that they would definitely fit my brother. And on the evening, I painted in his eyebrows using black eyeshaddow powder and painted on his moustache with black eyeliner. I was going to apply a crepe beard as moustache, but my brother would not sit still long enough and got a little upset when I told him how hard it is to get the spirit gum off his skin and the fact that he may eat a little of the hair over the evening. Picky people. Though, I must say that I was really happy at how it turned out.

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