Friday, May 25, 2007

Puss In Boots

My final puss in boots outfit...

I did make a few final changes to my original plan. I made a pair of brown tights as the legs instead of black. I figured that otherwise,there would be too much black in the costume and I would disappear into the night. Also the headpiece I made, I ended up changing. One I tired it on, it just looked wrong. Too much like a bear head. So instead I attached black cardboard to
a black headband and arranged my hair around the ears so that the headband could not be seen.
For the shirt, I used a robin hood type of style and pattern. The only difference I made to the patterns was that I didn't do the lacing up at the front near the collar and instead of elastic or a cuff at the wrist, I thread red ribbon through and then pulled it tight and laced it up my arm.

The tail looked awesome, however I made it a bit too long and it dragged on the floor too much. Meaning that by the end of the evening there was food, dirt and something sticky I would rather not investigate on the end. Note to self - shorter tail next time.

The hat was another complex part of my costume. It didn't take overly long to make, it was just annoying in that I had a lot of trouble trying to get the wire into the casing for the brim of the hat. Turned out my wire was too thick. Once I got the thinner stuff in there it was smooth sailing. Small change that I made to the pattern was that instead of turning under the brim edge
to create the casing for the sire, I used black bias binding. Could probably have used red and it would have looked really good.

My favourite part though, was the makeup. I based it off a makeup design from Andrew Lloyd Webbers' Cats The Musical. I am a makeup artist, so that did help me in doing the makeup. Thank God. I probably would not have done a cat character if I could not have the awesome makeup. It was surprising, I could not tell that I was wearing it, aside from the looks on everyone's faces.

I used a Kryolan white pancake makeup all over my face and neck as a base. I then used brown powders and bronzer to add in the facial shading under my cheekbones, at my forehead and in a round shape at my eye. I then used brown pencils to draw in the impression of whiskers and fur. I then applied black mascara and drew in my new cat eyebrows with a black liquid liner and brush. I also painted in a almond shape on my upper lash line, and a few millimeters below my lower lashline. I then painted in my nose and drew just above my top lip, and add whisker spots on my upper lip. I then applied very thick elongated black fake eyelashes. Surprisingly, it did not take me too long to apply. And the result is as you see.

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