Friday, May 25, 2007

Dad's Mad Hatter

As I mentioned, the central theme of my fairytale party was a mad hatter tea party. This was my dad. Lets get into the making of the costume. I was actually surprised that it did not take me a lot longer to make the costume. The pants were simple, just an elastic waist pants. And the shirt underneath was just a regular long sleeve workshirt. The tie I bought from a discount
outlet (I wanted something that would clash rather well) and the vest was simple.

The hat was another matter all together. After tracking down the foam I needed to make the hat, I thought it would be smooth sailing from here. Unfortunatly not, I had chosed a soft charmeuse satin to make the exterior of the hat with. I did want to use a heavier satin, but could not get it in the right colour. The biggest thing that posed a problem was that the satin kept slipping. I stitched it to the foam, but still found that it would slip out of alignment and thus out of the seams. I'm actually rather happy with the way it turned out, I ended up getting the seams in (with much unpicking and frustration). It looks great but next time I make that hat, I will think twice about the fabric I use.

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