Tuesday, August 8, 2017

QAGOMA Marvel Exhibition

Open until late September at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art is a most fantastic exhibition: Marvel, creating a cinematic universe. If you are at all interested in the Marvel universe of films, then this is the exhibition for you.

In late July, I lined up, purchased my ticket and strolled on into the exhibition to take a first hand look at design art, comic collections, props and costumes from the many Marvel movies to hit our screens. Displays included:
  • The Avengers, 
  • Thor, 
  • Iron Man, 
  • Doctor Strange, 
  • Guardians of the Galaxy, 
  • Ant Man, and 
  • Captain America. 

I was blown away by the amount of props and full costumes on display. So it was a bit of a treat to be able to get up quite close to take photos of some of the costumes. My only disappointment was the dim lighting in some rooms and that there were less walk- around displays of the costumes thus limiting my ability to get back photos. The best part of seeing the costumes though is being able to see close up all the detail that they have worked into them. Layers of different fabrics and the sheer amount of techniques used to create them all. It's incredible to see first hand and I apologise at the lack of quality in my photos as I only had my phone on hand.

My favourite display was the Asgardian throne room from the upcoming Thor movie. The whole setup was built in Australia when the movie was filmed in Queensland earlier this year. This also proved a magnificent backdrop for some of the costumes that are featured in the Thor movies.

Unfortunately my trip was dampened by the sheer number of parents and children packed into the exhibit. I’d love to go back at a quieter time (if there is such a thing) with my DSLR camera to get some photos detailing more of the costumes. Thankfully, it’s got a few more months in our fair city.

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