Tuesday, January 3, 2017


I know it’s the new year already, but life has caught me by surprise and I’ve been rather busy of late. So busy in fact that I have yet to post about a couple of events that I attended towards the end of last year. The first – Brisbane Supanova. It’s our biggest convention in Brisbane and one that I attend every year. 2016 was no different. It was a weekend of catching up with fellow cosplayers, taking photos, browsing the shopping hall and trying to stay cool. Nathan Fillion was probably the biggest draw card in terms of celebrities. I would have loved to get a photo but I refuse to spend my entire weekend in line. His panel line was bad enough – snaking around several times and down three halls of the centre. Not my cup of tea. But it is an event that I love to cosplay for.

The convention begins on Friday afternoon and runs through to Sunday evening. It all started out at 1pm on Friday. I took myself into the city in my brand new costume. I didn’t have time to make a big costume but I did have the time and energy to throw together something a little cult – A Beauty School Dropout Angel from Grease. And I was lucky enough that my bestie dressed up as Frenchie to match. The most stressful part of the costume was waiting for the rollers to make the headdress arrive (Australia Post took its sweet time about it). It was an incredibly comfortable costume to wear and even though be slightly obscure, we were recognised by other attendees. It’s definitely a costume that I will be bringing out again.

Come Saturday, the heat had set in for the weekend. Spring had decided to treat us with an early weekend of heat and humidity. Makes for a lovely time when you are trussed up in costume with layers of fabric, undergarments, wigs and makeup. Again, my bestie and I teamed up for the day and dressed as DC Bombshells. Gael Storm as Cheetah and myself as Black Canary. They’re certainly fun costumes to wear.

Lastly, Sunday rolled around. This time, we dressed as Disney Princesses – Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I have to say, I love cosplaying as a princess. There is nothing like the look on a little kid’s face when they realise that their favourite princess is standing in front of them. It’s a good feeling. And it was certainly a day of hugs from children.

But at the end of it all, we quickly slipped into some regular clothing and hit Coffee Club for dinner on the way home. It’s become sort of a tradition for us to stop for a good meal after the convention before heading home to crash into bed. And before we know it, the next convention will be upon us. I really should get to sewing.

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