Monday, December 21, 2015


I spent the remainder of November working my fingers to the bone getting my new costume ready for our last convention of the year – Supanova. This year, it brought the summer heat and storms to our Queensland shores. But despite the heat and hail, the event came and went with a plethora of costumes on show. Various friends were in attendance over the weekend, but I just could not resist costuming it up and attending the entire weekend.

It started on Friday afternoon. I arrived with my sister Jeannie (DianaDaring) freshly dressed for our meet and photo with Barbara Eden, the original Jeannie herself. She was lovely to meet and Abi and I were so pleased that we were able to see her in person and especially to have our photo with her – a special memory to keep. Our afternoon was filled with visiting friends at stalls and chatting the afternoon away to our Jeannie best.

Jeannie photos below by Rebecca Burton Photography:

Saturday dawned and the heat was here to stay. The humidity had risen overnight and it wasn’t getting cooler. But between a Disney fairy costume and some much needed air-con set to Hoth, I lasted out the day. My fairy costume of Periwinkle was quite appropriate for the weather for once and I didn’t overheat too much. For my second wear of the costume, I had made a new corset to support everything and I was wearing my new fairy wings which weren’t quite ready to wear at my Birthday party. Oooh, and some furry pom poms on my shoes just to take it up that next level. I love this costume and how well it turned out. Now, I kinda want to make the rest of the Disney fairies.

Photo below by Pandom Images.

The weekend rounded out with another hot day on Sunday. I was excited to wear my completely new costume that I had spent the last six weeks desperately sewing and was relieved when it all came together smoothly. The costume is the Disney princess Merida in Art Nouveau style – based on artwork by Hannah Alexander. I tried my best to completely replicate the artwork in fabric – quite a challenge when I am so much shorter and differently proportioned to the art, but my historical experience came in quite handy. I started with a longline corset to give my figure the correct shape. Then it was a matter of applying a number of new and different techniques to finish it all – beading, ombre fabric dying, freehand machine embroidery, adding colour wefts to my wig, wired headdress, making the arrow (sculpy tip and feathered end) and the bow, shaped, sanded and oiled timber finished with leather and padded hand grip (the best prop I have ever made). It was a hell of a lot of work to get done in six weeks but I somehow managed it all and love the results. I just need to dedicate a whole photoshoot to the costume, but I do love some of the photos that did get taken.

The comparison:

Photo below by Kristabella Photography

Photos below by Pandom Images

It was another full day of sore feet and keeping out of the heat before it was all drawn to a close with a hail storm. It was a great weekend and I was so pleased to have the Monday after off to recover. And finally, below I have included my phone snaps. I’m amazed each convention at the number of costumers in attendance. We now far surpass the regularly clothed people in numbers and there are so many amazing costumes out there.

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