Saturday, August 8, 2015

Lots on the books

I’ve been a busy little bee of late. It hasn’t shown much in the lack of costume events that I have attended (which is odd for me at this time of year), but I have been sewing up a storm and shopping up supplies for some of my upcoming projects for the remainder of the year. There is quite the number of costumes planned:

  • Pirate jacket and wig for my dad to complete his ensemble
  • 1850s ballgown for my mum (finishing off)
  • Disney cosplay of Sadness from Inside Out
  • Disney cosplay of Periwinkle from Tinkerbell and the Secret of the Wings
  • Disney cosplay of Fairy Mary from Tinkerbell for my mum
  • Disney cosplay of Anastasia from the 2015 Cinderella
(bit of a theme going on here)
And then if I get time and haven’t shot myself beyond that, I’d like to try and make a historical swimming costume and finish my Princess Leia before the new Star Wars movie airs in December. Just so that I can show up in costume.

At the moment though, I’m focusing on the pirate and the ballgown. I can’t work out who’s stupid idea it was to sew 8 metres of trim in designs on the pirate jacket. One of those “oh this will look wonderful” moments followed by lots of cursing and neck cramping when you actually try to get it done in a timely fashion. Thankfully I don’t have much left to do on the jacket and I don’t need the pirate and ballgown finished until the end of August. I do like to stay ahead when I can though. And as soon as they are finished, it’s onto the next one.

And in all this time, I am going to be working hard to trim up a bit for the summer cosplay run of costumes. I’ll be wearing my Jeannie costume in November and stomach baring costumes require sit-ups so that you see more ab and less flab, and yet here I am sitting down with a can of coke. Go me!

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