Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wicked on show

Last Friday night, I went into the city to see the latest production of Wicked to hit Brisbane. I had bought my tickets almost a year ago in about March 2014. But it was worth it, because I managed to snag front row tickets for myself my mum and my dad. I took a couple of shots before the show started, but of course, we weren't allowed to once it began. If you get the chance though, I highly recommend seeing Wicked. It's one of my favourite musicals ever. 

For the occasion, I dressed up in my 1950s pink halter dress. Which just so incidentally matches my hair at the moment. I was very matchy-matchy in pink for the evening - kinda channelling Glinda.

However, what I do have photos to share is a small exhibition in Queens Plaza on Queen Street Mall, showcasing four Wicked costumes - two belong to Glinda and two are from the ensemble in Emerald City. It was great to see the costumes up close and to take some photos of the different details. It's really incredible how much work goes into the costumes and it was amazing to see it up close and personal as well as on-stage.

Glinda's Emerald City Ballgown:

Male Ensemble Emerald City outfit

 Female Ensemble Emerald City outfit

 Glinda's Blue Gown:

(This one, I would like to make)

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