Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Supanova; the game is on

Supanova. It was a great weekend and completely wore me out.

This year, Brisbane Supanova began on Friday afternoon at 1pm. I took the afternoon off work so that I could be there for the event that it is. I ditched the work clothing and dolled myself up in my Game of Thrones Sansa Stark costume. I had trouble getting out of the office because with fans of Game of Thrones in my team, they wanted to see my costume. At any rate, I arrived not long after opening and made my way straight into one of the panels showing for the afternoon. This one with three actors from the TV show Spartacus. Unfortunately, they weren’t wearing their costumes from the show, but none-the-less they were still entertaining.
I spent the remainder of the evening catching up with friends and perusing the many items for sale on the main show floor. I will get to the photos I took of others at the end of this post, but for now, me, as Sansa Stark.
Day 2. Saturday. It began with disaster. I should have begun getting dressed earlier, but didn’t anticipate the problems I would have with my wig. To begin, I bought a lace front wig (for the first time) thinking that it would look neat and invisible. Unfortunately the lace front section that you attach to your head was such a dark colour against my pale skin that it gave a really obvious line. I fiddled around trying to get it to stick and covering it up. In the end, I cut off the lace part, pinned the wazoo out of the wig and went with it. I then had to get dressed, making sure to sunscreen up all my exposed skin, and make my way in. This was the day that I would wear my brand new creation – Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones. I chose to make another Game of Thrones costume as there were a number of actors attending this time from the show, and I love Margaery and her costumes. I had also pulled together a costume for my brother from Game of Thrones – Lord Varys. He shaved his head again to make sure he got the look right, and apparently was recognised quite a bit throughout the day.
As for the day, I spent it much as any other Supanova day. Shopping, catching up with friends, seeing panels (Joe Flannigan from Stargate Atlantis; Mark Addy and Jerome Flynn from Game of Thrones), getting autographs and photographs, and generally perusing the stalls.
The day ended at 6pm, and I headed off to have dinner with the parents before home and bed. One thing I made sure to do was have my photo taken on the Iron Throne that was attached to one of the stalls…
Day 3 rolled around and I unfortunately woke up bright and early. With time under my belt I decided it was the sort of day for pancakes. Then it came time to iron my costume. I dug out Ariel and started. By then, the heat had settled in and I could tell it was going to be a stinker of a day. I was dreading the fact that I would be wearing Ariel with its long sleeve poly undershirt. A quick change of plans and I pulled out my I Dream of Jeannie for the day, a much wiser choice with less constricting layers. Don’t get me wrong it was still hot, but less hot that I would have been. I spent the day again, much as I had the previous one, this time as Jeannie’s sister.
All in all, though I had a fantastic time at Supanova and am looking forward to the next one; trying to decide what costumes I will be making and wearing. But I leave with some photos of some of the amazing costumes at the con. By no means did I get all of the awesome ones, the crowds were just so thick in places, but here are my shots.

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  1. Gorgeous ! Feeling the love for your costume choices :D