Thursday, May 30, 2013

Corsetry abounds

I'm a bit late posting, but a few weeks back, I started working on a number of undergarment pieces. This is one of them. When I originally made my long line Edwardian corset, it was too big. Mainly in that it was lacing closed and I still had a good amount of wiggle room - I guess that I squished a lot more than I anticipated. So, while I have the time, I decided to make a new one - cut down of course.

The pattern comes from Jill Saleen's Corsets. It is made of silk dupion, interlined with cotton and finished with a cotton lining. My photos are rather terrible because I was home along when I tried it on - but it does give you the gist of it.
My only problem with the corset is that it is a touch too small now. I'm kicking myself that I cut it down that bit more. It's really amazing how much a small amount cut off makes when sewn up. Thankfully I am in the process of trying to drop some kilos, so it should not be a problem for too long.

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