Wednesday, October 10, 2012

1960s Style

The other event that I attended recently was another Vintage Fair. This time, a much smaller one held out at Sandgate. In the end, it was a little disappointing. There was quite a large turn out and a good number of stores, however they had crammed everyone into such a small space that the stalls were unable to bring much stuff and there was very little room for patrons to move around the space in. I bought a vintage tea set that a local artist had decorated. I have seen her stuff before on etsy and been tempted to buy, but this way, I don't have to pay postage. It was lovely to spend a few hours out and about with a couple of my friends before sitting down to lunch.

And finally, I got a photo of my 1960s red dress and hat set that I made back in July. I have been wearing it to work in the meantime and wanted to make sure that I got a good photo of it all. I'm really happy with the way this dress came out (it is two of my patterns - a 1950s bodice and a 1960s skirt pattern smushed together). And best of all, it is incredibly comfortable to wear to work, so I will certainly be making more.


  1. From what I can see on Facebook they are planning to change the venue to the RSL in Sandgate which is bigger and will have the band in a different area to the stalls. It will also have a place to sit down and order a meal or drinks.

    I'll give them another go later this year and see if this improves things.

    I'll let you know and maybe we can go together again.

  2. And you looked terrific in the red outfit! <3 <3