Saturday, April 28, 2012

Supanova Gold Coast 2012

Last weekend I attended Supanova, the main popculture convention that runs in Australia. For the first time, it was held on the Gold Coast (normally April is in Brisbane). And of course, I attended. I headed on down on Friday to check into our hotel for the weekend. We were lucky enough to be staying 1 block away from the convention centre where it was to be held. It made for a really easy walk over. It started on Friday night for the opening ceremony and the costumes came out. I will start with what I wore for the weekend.

1. Friday Night - Ariel - The Little Mermaid

I decided that I would re-wear one of my costumes on Friday night, and since I really do love my Ariel costume, thought it would be a great choice. It was all the same as the last time that I had worn it, except that I had to restyle the fringe after being stored away. I think it turned out a lot better this time than in the past, with the fringe sitting out in the pouf really well. And I had my lovely little Flounder with me. By the time we were ready to head back to our hotel, it was pouring rain and we hadn't thought to take an umbrella. We let it ease off a bit, I wrapped Flounder in newspaper to protect him and we made our way home for the evening.

2. Saturday Morning - Stargate Offworld Uniform

My brother and I pulled out our Stargate uniforms for another wear on Saturday morning. The weather was muggy and hot, and we sweat up a storm in our full costume. But we looked good and were happy to have our P90s this time. My brother even had his new Zat and holster. I painted the Zat up for him as a birthday gift.

3. Saturday Afternoon - Pan Am Stewardess

We headed back to our hotel for lunch, where I stripped off my incredibly sweaty stargate uniform and changed into my stylish 1960s Pan Am uniform. Pan Am is one of those little-known shows that has only had one season, but I liked it, and I liked the costume, so I took the opportunity to whip it up. I butchered several of my vintage patterns to get the right design, but I made sure that I had all the elements, from stockings, girdle, bullet bra and slip through to blouse, jacket, skirt and hat. My favourite part is the hat. It is made out of buckram, padding and then the matching blue fabric of my uniform. I even have the stewardess pin and the flight bag.

4. Sunday - Squid Girl

From one of my favourite Animes "Squid Girl". I was very pleased with how this costume came together. Best of all, it is really cool to wear because it is entirely made out of cotton. I do wear one of my white chemises underneath as a slip so that it isn't quite so see-through, and I wore a sports bra to minimise my bust - the character is about 13 year old after all. The dress itself is decorated with blue cotton appliqued on. The arm and left cuffs are made out of stuffed lycra. The wig is a short blue wig that I have trimmed and styled the fringe of and attached tentacles made out of cotton blanketing. I originally wanted felt, but the blanketing was the only fabric in the correct colour. Oh, and I added some bright blue contact lenses which are a little odd to wear, but look incredible against the wig.

So that sums up my costumes for the weekend. I got home on Sunday evening and slept the night away for about 10 hours. It was a really good thing that I had planned the next day off as well, and in future I will definitely do so again. But I will leave you with some photos of some of the other awesome costumes that I got photos of. Believe me, there were many more....

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