Friday, February 24, 2012

Retro Tupperware Partee

Last weekend I attended a house warming party. A costume friend of mine recently moved and wanted to celebrate with Tupperware and fondue. Of course this lead to dressing up, most especially since tupperware first came out in the 1950s. Not to mention that some of us are always looking for an opportunity to dress up. It was a really wonderful evening.
I started my day out by finishing up my mum's very first vintage dress. I had sized up the pattern to fit and was lucky enough that after the first mock up, it was a perfect fit for her. I whipped it up in a few hours and had it ready to go for her. It is a vintage simplicity pattern that I borrowed from my cousin and the fabric came out of my stash (going to have to get some more of it for myself). My brother commissioned me to make if for mum's Birthday. I am very pleased with how it turned out and I know mum really likes it as she has worn it again since. I popped her into a beehive with a french roll at the back, using the hair pouf that I made for her birthday instead of teasing her own hair. I'm just darn lucky that the wig I bought to make all the hairpieces from was a perfect match for the lighter colours in her hair.
As for myself, I dug out my red dress and got ready to whip my hair up. I slept on rollers the night before in the hopes of luscious curls, but I forgot and used the large rollers on my hair instead of the little ones, so the curls completely flopped. I panicked and decided to get around it by popping the top half of my hair into four rolls and the back into my vintage snood. Of course this was the first time debuting my newly half white-blonde hair. For the past 5 months it has been half turquoise, and I was ready for a colour change. I bleached out all the colour and started with toning. Turned out that I really like the white blonde, so I am going to keep it for a while. I did surprise a couple of my friends though. :P But I think the thing I like most is the contrast with the dark brown on the other half of my hair - the intersecting rolls in my hair really worked with the colours. I must definitely do this sort of style again.
All in all, I had a great time, won a couple of prizes and bought a few new pieces of tupperware for my collection. At the rate I am going, when I finally move out of home I am not going to need to buy much new stuff at all. I'm only now wondering where on earth I am going to store it when it does arrive. @__@

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