Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Piratey New Year to you!

The way to welcome in the new year? In pirate style of course!

I again hosted a costumed event to roll in the New Year. This year, I chose to go for a pirate theme. I had out back patio decked out with a hammock, lanterns, gold doubloons, jolly roger and a few edible bits and pieces. We played pirate board games, duelled with our swords, battled with our brains (trivia) and popped our cannons (party poppers). I had to be one of the easiest parties that I have organised in a long time, and it was really great to see so many of my invitees dressed up in costume.
I did put together a little bit of sewing projects to get ready for the evening. Firstly, I made a pirate costume for my Dad. He borrowed my pirate hat, sword, belt and gun for accessories, and wore his regency shirt underneath. The only pieces that I needed to make were some drop front knee breeches in black linen, a blue Georgian vest and a red waist sash. All in all, it came together rather quickly, and I was able to draft up the patterns from a couple of simplicity ones that I had on hand. I particularly love the buttons that I had in my stash for him - they are a tarnished gold colour with emblems on them. And while they are plastic, they certainly don't look it.
I knew from the outset that I would be wearing my Tia Dalma costume for the evening, so had no worry over myself. But my mum insisted that she wanted a costume as well. I told her that she didn't need to dress up as my invite specified *costume optional*, but I must be rubbing off on her as she really wanted something appropriate to wear. And at any rate she will be able to wear it when her school does book week and she dresses up each day. We chose to make my mum the proprietress of "The Saucy Mermaid" - our scene of the evening. Her costume was again pretty simple to throw together. I started with the blouse - a cream crinkle cotton, very full that gathers up under the elbows and around the neck (I used elastic to make it easier to wear). I then put together her skirts. Both are made in the Georgian manor, with two halves tying front and back. The underskirt is brown with a feint blue stripe, while the overskirt is a bright blue crinkle cotton. The overskirt is slightly shorter and bustles up at the front with a button and tie. I also lent her my false rump to give a bit more fullness. Then came the waist cinch. Not really historically accurate, but we needed something. It is a simple waist that is straight across the back with a point in the front, where it laces up. I did put a decent amount of boning in it though so that it would actually sit correctly. I topped it off by ragging her hair. This gave me a lovely tight curl that I was able to unravel for a full curly Georgian look. I think it all turned out rather well.
And I really did have a great evening.

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