Thursday, November 3, 2011


Back at work today to rest after a busy weekend. It started on Friday night with a trip to the Vintage Fashion Fair after work. My cousin and I knocked off work, dressed in our vintage best and headed on over to Ascot (the racegrounds where the fair is held).

I re-wore my 1950s red dress styled with Victory rolls, a vintage hair snood and wedge shoes. In hindsight, the shoes were not such a good idea. My feet were killing me by the time that we got home. But I did score on some very neat finds. My cousin found me long red gloves that match my dress. I also picked up two vintage military hats - a ladies airforce hat and an army hat. I have always wanted to do vintage military outfits, and now this is the perfect opportunity. I also picked up some vintage underwear - 3 half slips and 1 full slip and a 1940s style floral dress. I find it strange in that a year ago, there is no way that I would have found vintage slips, but this year there was an abundance. My dad also scored well - he got a full 1970s suit. It fits him perfectly and looks really great.
But I did have a lovely evening out and am definitely looking forward to the next Vintage Fashion Fair. We have been tossing around ideas for our next outfits, and believe there will be some upcoming 1970s ensembles. I am kinda keen for a halter-neck flared pantsuit.

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