Friday, October 21, 2011

Pot Luck, Retro Style

So, the plans for last weekend kinda feel through completely. I was supposed to be out camping in style. Regency style that is. But the weather forecast all week was looking like rain on Saturday. And not just a little rain, a whole bundle of rain. So we cancelled. Thursday saw parts of Brisbane hit by a pretty big storm, Friday we had a little more rain, and then Saturday came around. Bright sunshiney skies, getting rather hot throughout the day and then it hit. Hail. The storm hit the northern suburbs of Brisbane (including where we were supposed to be camping). The hail was coming down at a 45 degree angle, and some of the larger ones to hit out house were the size of marbles. The noise on our patio was incredible - even yelling, we could not hear each other talking.
It all cleared in time and we were rather pleased that we had not gone camping. Knowing my luck, I would have ended up with dents in my car, a soaked shelter and furniture and ruined another of my regency dresses with mud and water. So, instead we put together an evening of retro pot luck. We all dressed up in our vintage dresses and sat down to dinner and cocktails. We rounded out the evening with singstar and parfait. I had a lovely evening and was glad for such a simple night.
 I didn't take many photos, so you will have to imagine the dress. It was so nice to just pull out an existing dress with no muss or fuss or panicky last minute preparations. I wore my yellow 1950s dress again and paired it with some wedges to get into the spring feel of the evening. I did make sure to get some snaps of my mum's hair. I did her up with a 60s beehive. I think she was a little overwhelmed by the hair, but it was fun to do a beehive on someone other than myself. (I seemed to be able to get a lot more height into it when I am not doing my own hair). Go figure.

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