Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cigarette Girl

For a change, I only have the one event on last weekend, I attend the Birthday Party of a Lolita friend. The theme for the evening was "Naughty by Nice". Now, I am not the sort of person who you would really put in any sort of costume that was Naughty but Nice, and I certainly would not feel comfortable in some skimpy outfit. For a start, I just don't have the legs for it. So, I really struggled with what sort of costume would be appropriate for me to wear along. I tossed around a couple of ideas, but ended up coming back to a Vintage ensemble. In particular, a cigarette girl from the 1940s. Granted I didn't have the cigarettes as I am against the horrid things, but I did have the candy.

It was essentially a very quick ensemble to pull together. I already had the corset from my Sister of the Dark costume earlier this year. The only components of my costume that were missing was the skirt, hairpiece and candy tray. The skirt I put together from a vintage pattern using black cotton sateen. The hairpiece is a small base with velvet leaves and flours stitched on, and the candy tray was the box from one of my dolls that I arrived from Japan not long ago. I simply glued it up, painted it black and attacked it with the hot glue gun for decoration. It has a lovely ribbon strap and fabric covered foam to hold the lolipops in place, along with two plastic trays for loose candy and an open section for the rest.

Add in the victory rolls, curled hair, seamed stockings, platform shoes, gloves and makeup and there you have it. My version of a cigarette girl.

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