Wednesday, May 25, 2011

'40s on parade

For the first time this year, I got all done up in full Vintage on Sunday and headed off to the Petrie markets for a '40s on parade morning. The day started out raining, but it seems that by my bringing an umbrella, I managed to scare any wet weather away. My cousin and I rolled in at around 10am, just as everything was coming into full swing. My strolled around a few shops before meeting up with a fellow costumer. We had a blast of a time, and I managed to restrain myself, only bringing home cheese and honey. We stopped for a few photos in our finery before calling it a day and taking our sore feet home.
I, of course took the opportunity to make a new dress for the occasion. It was rather a prudent idea considering that I wore out my last 1940s dress some months ago. (You know it is time for retirement when the seams start to give out from wear). At any rate, it was the perfect thing to hunt through my fabric stash and pull out something that I already had on hand. In this instance, it was my navy and white spot fabric. It's a bit of a polyester sort of fabric, so perfect for the cooler months. I picked out a pattern that I had made before, but decided to play on the sheerness of the fabric by making it long sleeve as well. As for the day, I dug out my blue vintage hat and purse to go with it, some seamed stockings, vintage style shoes and the black slip underneath. It's amazing how long it takes to get ready in full vintage. Getting the hair set in rollers, full makeup done and all the layers of the dress. But it is well worth the effort, I always feel very feminine and pretty when I am in full vintage.
The funniest thing though are the comments. You get the rude looks, where the people look you up and down as they walk past as if to say "what on earth are you wearing?", then there are the people who do the discreet stare, the ones who just shrug and then the lovely older ladies who say "why don't we wear this anymore?". You might not, but I certainly do. I mean we all have those days when you just cannot bear to dress up, when pulling out the jeans and t-shirt seem the best option, especially when you haven't had enough sleep and you stare at your wardrobe unenthusiastically bleary eyed, and think about the lovely dress sitting in the ironing pile and just cannot bring yourself to put in the effort. But then there are the days that you do make the effort, and nothing is as nice as the comments you get. It really makes you feel like a girl. I want more of those days!

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