Friday, September 4, 2009

Kaleidescope Dancers and Regency August

Last Sunday, Kerry and I went out dancing with the Kaleidoscope Dancers. Once again, we were in our regency dresses (though as a testament to the heat, I skipped wearing my full regency corset), and they even managed to rope me into dancing this time. So I really didn't get that many photos.

Though now that I have been going to so many events in regency dress, it just makes me want to finish my new one. To be fair I have started getting it together. The gown and petticoat are all cut out and just waiting to be made up. I have sewn a couple of pieces together, but in a effort to be partially historically accurate, anything that can be seen I am hand sewing. Needless to say this slows me down quite a bit. So far, I have the back pieces sewn together and I have hemmed the bodice lining pieces. (Weird pieces that go across the front and just pin in place to create an extra lining). I am not so worried about getting the over robe that I have planned done, because the whole idea of making this new dress is that I have a plain white gown and can dress it up and change it with any number of spencers, pelisses, and open robes. That being said, I did actually find a couple of pieces of fabric that I have bought with the intention of making up Regency dresses. But then again, I have a lot of fabric sitting in my stash that I bought with the intention of making it up, and just haven't got around to it yet. But I will. I am determined that I will.

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