Friday, June 19, 2009


I have finished cutting everything out (dad was getting a little worried). And I have been making superb progress. My maid gown is now complete with hooks, eyelets and lacing. (Phew 1 down, only 7 to go). Mum's day gown set is awaiting a belt and bonnet (I am determined to get these don this weekend). My medieval gown is coming along, but I keep having to stop and do hand sewing which slows me up. The chemise is done (no photos though 'cause it is just rather plain, shapeless and boring as all chemises are). The main dress is actually mostly done, and all I have to do is hem the dress and sleeves, attach the sleeves and sew on the decorative braids. The other accomplishment is mum's ball gown - it is almost done. I just need to press the bodice, do the eyelets and lacing, hem the skirt and attach the two together.

Overall, not a bad progress report, but I still have a lot of work to do. I think that I will feel better once I have whole sets complete and not just started bits and pieces on them all. So my aim this weekend is to complete mum's ballgown and day gown (then I will be completely done with her stuff), and try to get most of dad's outfit done. My stuff I am not so overly worried about. I need the medieval gown because I otherwise I will not have anything to wear Abbey, but for my other projects, if worst comes to worst, I can always re-wear something that I already have. I would rather have my new ones done, but then again I do not want to stress myself out completely. On the upside, I dug out our ceramic heater for the sewing room, so that I can sew into the wee hours of the morning and not freeze. It really works for me and my fingers do not get numb any more = more progress. That's about it for now, but I will post complete photos when the pieces get done.

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