Friday, April 6, 2007

Puss In Boots

My first post. Nifty.

I guess the first thing I'll go into is that at the moment I am planning a costume dinner party. To be specific, a fairytale dinner party. Complete with decorations, full outfits and a mad hatter tea party. I am making 4 costumes. A Mad Hatter, Cinderella's Fairy God Mother, A Fairy (inspiration - think the Green Fairy in Euro Trip) and Puss in Boots (Me).

My puss in boots outfit is inspired by Shrek 2. Mainly so I can have a sword. Though as a person, and not really into wearing a skin-tight outfit from cats (the musical) I plan to wear black tights, and a billowy cotton shirt.

I just finnished making the the cape this morning - black polycotton with red bias binding around all the edges, and pleated into the top (instead of gathering). I also made a fur hood with ears and tail. The hood didn't turn out quite like I planned, so I might have to change it.

The tail however looks neat. I will post photos once I manage to finish the whole costume. The pieces by themselves look kinda strange.

For the makeup I plan to do something similar to the makeup from the musical cats. Very stage makeup style, but I will blend it in with the fur fabric colours, and bring white down over my chest to blend in with open collar of the shirt. Hopefully everything will actually work. More later....

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